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The September Birthstone: Sapphire, The Origin Story

The sapphire has been a popular gemstone for thousands of years. The Greeks gave it the name sappheiros which likely referred to Lapis Lazuli. Given that the name refers to a very blue stone, it is important to note that sapphires come in many more colors than just blue. We mentioned in our blog about rubies […]

Filigree Fashion: A Vintage Small Business Collaboration

Recently we had the great joy of collaborating with our friends at Golden Pearl Vintage with the goal of putting together vintage styles that span different eras of fashion. Vintage fashion is not just a way to find looks to set you apart, but also is a very sustainable choice which avoids waste associated with […]

Happy Earth Day! Animals and the Jewelry Industry

Happy Earth Day! Animal companionship has been celebrated throughout all of human history, so animal jewelry is about as old as jewelry itself. A central concept to many types of jewelry is that of the talisman, or an object believed to have magical powers that are imbued upon the wearer. Jewelry created in the image […]



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