Custom Design & Sustainability

At Filigree Jewelers we pride ourselves on our sustainable culture. As a family owned business we believe in recycling and reusing materials. Whether it is working on a custom design or restoring a family heirloom, we understand the sentimental value of these special moments shared with our clients and do our best to provide ethical and practical solutions within your budget.

While we are known as a vintage and estate jewelry store, our family and business has grown over the past few years. We have now created a line of over a hundred “Filigree Jewelers Made” pieces which we have created from old and new jewelry components. When sourcing new materials, we prioritize working with credible and ethical organizations and are proud members of the Kimberly process.

Custom Design Journey

1. Make an appointment:

We believe that all good things are worth waiting for! We encourage you to start your custom design journey four weeks prior to a proposal date in order to meet with our expert team. This provides us what is needed to manage expectations, timeline, and budget.


2. Gather Ideas

Based on your ideas, requirements, and budget we will work with you to share an approximate quote for your custom Filigree Jewelers design.



3. Meet the designers

Our staff of jewelry professionals are here to listen and help you in creating realistic expectations during the custom jewelry journey. We will work closely with you and walk you through the process and timeline to gather as much information from you in regards to what you would like . Whether it be a custom engagement ring or a family heirloom that needs restoration, we are thrilled to help with such special items.

4. select your stone

At Filigree Jewelers we have relationships with gem dealers all over the world. This allows us to acquire the exact stone you are seeking to make your creation everything you desire.


5. Wax mold / Cad

After your private appointment with an expert Filigree Jewelers team member you have the option to get a custom wax mold or digital CAD rendering of your design before finalizing and casting it into reality. This is simply to better visualize your creation and ensure you are completely comfortable with your decisions.

6. Enjoy

Upon completion of your custom jewelry, we hope to have a continued relationship with you. We encourage all of our clients to come in whenever they are near the North Loop to get their ring cleaned and to catch up with us!

Other services

7. custom wedding bands

Wedding bands are important as a symbol of love for your partner, but it is also important that YOU love your wedding band! We work with clients to find the perfect mold, metal, and gemstone for your band to be a special item you will cherish forever.

8. custom hand engraving

Have something special you’d like to say? We have an excellent local engraver who can hand engrave a message in a variety of font styles on the exterior or interior of your piece of jewelry. Add some personal history to your jewelry to be passed on for generations to come. Signet rings are becoming extremely popular today, and having exquisite engraving done is the best way for one to stand apart.

Lets get creative