Vintage, custom, modern bridal guide

We are so thrilled to share with you our trend forecast for bridal season!  This Vintage, Custom, Modern Filigree Bridal Guide is a style tour of some of our favorite wedding trends paired with local bridal boutique gowns from Diamond Bride in Plymouth or at Flutter Bride in Minneapolis!

Classic Vintage

We’ve met our fair share of classic, traditional brides. She is a sucker for a well crafted, one of a kind treasure. Her wedding gown is resembles antique motifs and it’s fair to assume that her accessories will reflect her affinity for vintage style. Our vintage bride, Renee is wearing Adore,  a stunning built in corset in soft ivory, full of floral embroidery and beading that adorn the flowing champagne gown. Adore by Colby John from his 2021 Atelier collection which can be found at Diamond Bride in Plymouth or at Flutter Bride in Minneapolis!

Renee is wearing a warm, K colored old european cut diamond with a period correct, marquise shaped, diamond wedding band. For her “something blue” she’s selected a vintage inspired, two tone sapphire and diamond dangle earring to commemorate tradition and finally, a breathtaking Art Deco Diamond pendant necklace to complete her look.

Vintage with a Twist!

At Filigree Jewelers, we aren’t afraid of mixing time periods or metal types. Like in most fashion trends, mixing high with low or old with new is always a guaranteed unique and personal look. You might surprise yourself as you leave with a new found love for a ring you wouldn’t have guessed for yourself.

In this look, our vintage bride has paired a classic, vintage Victorian halo diamond engagement ring with a modern thin, contoured band that adds an unexpected, fun twist on a classic design! To finish her look she’s chosen to run with accessorizing with a pair of modern, mix cut diamond earrings in platinum.

custom jewelry design

Custom design is a service we have been expanding over the last two years! Whether it is repurposing an antique diamond or redesign a new ring with old components, we love the sustainable stories we get to hear and share with you.

Our beautiful custom bride, Marya is modeling a large and in charge, modern, three carat round brilliant cut diamond. This modern diamond is set in a classic repurposed Mid-century mounting that features simple tapered baguettes. She’s paired this BIG beauty with a custom round diamond eternity band and for her wedding gown, she’s wearing, Mystic, a stunning ivory, fitted, paisley gown by Colby John’s 2021 Atelier collection. His collection can be found at Diamond Bride in Plymouth or at Flutter Bride in Minneapolis!

The unexpected

Something blue for an engagement ring ? We say yes!  At Filigree we have seen a growth in clients wanting colored gemstones as an engagement ring and we’re excited about it! The aquamarine gemstone is a great option if you’re looking to stand out from the rest. The light blue and green color hues adds so much personal style while still maintaining a neutral tone. It’s a great look and great value if you’re looking for a gemstone of substantial size and is durable enough to withstand daily wear!

We’ve paired a beautiful blue green Montana sapphire with an unexpected yellow gold princess cut diamond wedding band to make a personalized unique wedding set. It also works as her “Something Blue.” The classic look is completed with our one of a kind fine jewelry collection.

Fancy cut diamonds

Whether it is the center stone of an engagement ring or accent stones, we have seen a demand for fancy shaped diamonds!

Marquise cut diamonds were popular in the 80’s and they are back in a big way.  We are also seeing a resurgence in “fancy” (any shape other than round) diamonds. Oval, emerald, pear, and cushion cut are also in fashion. This is a great option to maintain a classic design while the stone adds a personal flare!

build your own stack

Due to the resurgence of fancy cut diamonds, our inventory is made up of ornate antique engagement rings. We’ve seen a trend in contoured and tiara wedding bands. Made to fit around the unique shape of a fancy cut diamond, they are a great way to compliment and enhance the look of your engagement ring and personal flare to your bridal stack!

contoured wedding bands

Modern bride

What does it mean to be a modern bride today ?

We’ve seen that modern brides do whatever they want! As they should! There are no rules or limitations to what should or shouldn’t be done. Which is great! We welcome it!

Our beautiful Modern bride, Rim is wearing a Filigree Jewelers made, custom diamond solitaire engagement ring. Choosing a simple solitaire design for her engagement ring, allows for her to pair many ring stack combinations. She’s paired two very different and distinct modern diamond wedding bands and a pair of statement moonstone and diamond dangle earrings to complete this contemporary look.

Rim is wearing the Meredith gown, a sweet ivory gown that features off the shoulder chiffon sleeves and a built in corset that ties in the back by Colby John from his 2021 Canvas collection. This timeless silhouette effortlessly matches her classic contemporary engagement ring. His collection can be found at Diamond Bride in Plymouth or at Flutter Bride in Minneapolis!

bold and yellow gold

In her second look, our Modern bride Rim is wearing the Alyssa gown. This luxurious champagne nude gown is covered with glitter and texture. The shoulder features an interesting split sleeve and a long trail. This special piece by Colby John was selected from his 2021 Atelier collection. Gown can be found at Diamond Bride in Plymouth or at Flutter Bride in Minneapolis!

History of wedding bands

The origins of the wedding band tradition came from medieval England in the 12th century when the Christian church declared that marriage be a holy sacrament. Before this, rings were given to show, affection, devotion and represent betrothal. Ancient Egyptians believed that the fourth finger on the left contained a “vena amoris” or vein of love that led directly to the heart. The Romans adopted the tradition although the belief isn’t anatomically correct, the tradition of wearing rings on the ring finger continues to this day!

Today, while there are many that follow ancient traditions for what ever reason, we find that there are a few rebels and taste makers that aim to make their own traditions.

The Origin of Wedding Rings: Ancient Tradition or Marketing Invention ?