Woman’s History Month: Inspirational Women & Their Jewelry

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase some of the incredible women who have a history associating them with jewelry, and specific types of jewelry moreover. The list contains many actresses, but also some prominent politicians and artists, and we hope to shed some light on the styles of these amazing women.

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth, the House of Windsor, and really the entire Monarchy of the United Kingdom have a long and interesting history of jewelry. Filigree Jewelers has quite a sizable collection of Victorian jewelry, and it was Queen Victoria herself who appointed the House of Garrard as the first official Crown Jeweller of the Monarchy. Much of the royal jewelry throughout the world has been created or strongly influenced by Garrard, which is known for its regal and ornate settings designed to enhance the natural beauty of the gems they hold. Queen Elizabeth II has been known to wear a great variety of tiaras, brooches, necklaces, and earrings, but one thing is sure: she loves pearls. In this section we have three regal looks making use of pearls, and the necklace especially is the type that could be seen worn by the Queen.

Elizabeth Taylor

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World had a very well known obsession with fine jewelry, and it wasn’t exclusive to emeralds, but that’s what we’ll focus on! Two of her most famous pieces were a Bulgari emerald and diamond brooch, and a Bulgari emerald and diamond necklace. The necklace was given to Taylor by Richard Burton while filming Cleopatra. It is also worth noting that Burton once said, “The only word Elizabeth knows in Italian is Bulgari”.

Matching her affinity for large emeralds accented by diamonds we have these exquisite oval halo earrings, and this lovely pear shaped emerald ring. The snake ring is a fun nod to her look in Cleopatra.

Audrey Hepburn

Tiffany & Co. was certainly a lauded and established jewelry house before Audrey Hepburn came along, but she certainly extended the brand’s allure by leaps to a new generation in the 1960’s. She loved wearing pearls and we have two pairs of flowery dangle pearl earrings that we think would have found a home in her collections. The Edwardian seed pearl choker just reminded us of her youthful elegance.

Marilyn Monroe

To remember the icon who sang Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, there really isn’t another stone we could showcase. Despite the fact that she was wearing costume jewelry while singing that song, Marilyn Monroe will forever be tied to the look of large diamonds. If you follow our Instagram videos you may be familiar with our Tastefully Vulgar series, and no person living or dead embodies that look more than our dear Norma Jeane.

Frida Khalo

Of all the amazing women is this list, Frida Khalo is the most in line with the styles you see on Instagram influencer pages to this day. Some have actually called Frida the original influencer, so that is no surprise. She was known for loving yellow gold, giant stone and wooden beads, and mixing older European styles with that of indigenous Mexican people. The best thing about her sense of style was that it is instantly recognizable and still nearly impossible to describe. One thing is certain: she loved jewelry.

Madeleine Albright

So much has been said and written about this remarkable woman’s affinity for pins and brooches. The first female Secretary of State would pick brooches specifically for their intangible conveyance in an effort to gain a mental edge during complex geopolitical negotiations. If there ever was a position called Ambassador of Brooches, Madeleine Albright would unquestionably be appointed for life. We have included a few fine pins with stunning pave looks that Madam Secretary would definitely wear!


Finally on our list of inspirational women and their jewelry we have Beyonce. Like many of the others in this list, Beyonce doesn’t necessarily have a specific style of jewelry, but she is definitely fond of a bold look that is always paired impeccably with her outfit. Known for wearing bright and striking Lorraine Schwartz pieces, and often done in yellow gold. We have some bright and elegant diamond pieces alongside her that we think gets to the core theme of her golden glamour.

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